Statements from the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security 2014

1. In response to questions about particular contents of the report:

Ms Gwyn said that - as she had said yesterday when releasing the report - the report, including the factual findings, stands for itself and she will not be making any further comment.

2. In response to questions relating to early disclosure of information from the report:

As the Inspector-General stated at the release of the report yesterday morning, she is examining what steps to take over the early disclosure of information from the report.

That disclosure was contrary to the non-disclosure obligations under which affected parties received some limited prior notice of the report and was also unfair to others.

Ms Gwyn said that she was aware of Mr Goff's subsequent statements that he had disclosed some information concerning findings in the report. She will be seeking further information from Mr Goff and others.

The broadcast or publication of that information may also have contravened the IGIS Act and, in any case, these events raise questions for the handling of future reports. Any issue of prosecution will, however, be for the Police.


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