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Contacting the Inspector-General

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You can contact the Inspector-General in the following ways. You can find out about how to make a complaint on the 'Make a complaint' page.

Make a complaint


(04) 460 0030



Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security
PO Box 5609, 
Wellington 6140

Anonymity and confidentiality

The Inspector-General can provide complainants or whistleblowers with anonymity or confidentiality in some circumstances. If you are considering making a complaint and wish to remain anonymous or keep your complaint confidential, you should contact the Inspector-General to discuss these issues before making the complaint.

Classified or sensitive information

Email traffic may be subject to screening and the security and privacy of email cannot be ensured. The Inspector-General has facilities for handling information classified at all levels. If you are considering making a disclosure or complaint which involves classified or sensitive information, contact the Inspector-General for information and guidance about how to communicate securely, privately and without breaching security procedures.

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